Bayard Galey

Owner and Founder of Bayard Construction

As the owner and President of the company, Bayard ensures that each project we do meets our high standards and that every client is completely satisfied. He has become the construction “go-to guy” for the majority of our clients who have been with us for years. Whether it’s translating your remodeling vision into practical solutions or simply explaining the “whys and hows” of a project, part of his mission is to make the complexities and difficulties of construction a little easier.

Bayard has been working in the residential construction business since becoming a carpenter’s apprentice at the age of 19, learning the trades from some of the most skilled craftsmen in the business. He founded Bayard Construction in 1984 with the goal of building a quality-oriented team that could handle requests for larger and more varied projects. Over the years he has honed his construction expertise and project management skills and expanded the company’s capabilities by establishing long-term relationships with first-rate contractors in other construction disciplines. Bayard has worked on many high-profile commercial and residential construction projects and is a former journey carpenter/member of the Carpenters and Joiners Union of America.

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